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eWilla's Quality Guidelines
Please read the following before adding your site to the eWilla Web Directory

URL ELGIBILITY: The following types of sites are NOT allowed in the eWilla Web Directory.
  • Sites containing or promoting links to content illegal in the U.S.
  • Sites that offer direct access to online gambling.
  • Mirror sites or sites that contain content largely similar to another site.
  • Sites that redirect to another site.
  • Sites that are "under construction."
  • Any site that we deem inappropriate.
  • If you are concerned whether your site meets these guidelines, contact us before proceeding. Do not use listed sites as a guide for sites that we currently accept.
  • Certain types of sites are not elgible for sponsored or premium listings. We will refund fees paid for a sponsored or premium listing minus the standard listing fee if we cannot approve your link for a sponsored or premium listing.
  • Any site with gambling related content or links must be placed under the gambling category or subcategory thereof.
ALLOWED URLS: We accept URLs for a website's main page and any number of subpages. Example, you can submit the URLs http://www.myname.com and/or http://www.myname.com/mypath/mypage.html. All submitted URLs must begin with http://. Secure websites, https:// urls may be added but need to be emailed to us.
EMAIL ADDRESS: Must be valid and working. We will use this to contact you regarding your link submission. We respect your privacy and will not sell or give this to anyone.
TITLE: Must be between 8 - 128 characters long. Title should include the name of the site and may also include the most prominent keywords of the site. DO NOT USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
DESCRIPTION: Must be between 50 - 255 characters long. Description should be objective and brief and not contain any promotional language (e.g. best, coolest) or strings of keywords. DO NOT USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Avoid Capitalizing Every Word. HTML and line breaks will be removed.
SUBCATEGORY SUGGESTION: OPTIONAL. If your site doesn't fit nicely into a category that is already available, please enter a new subcategory that you would like to have your site appear in. Accepting this suggestion is at our discretion.

Instructions for getting your site listed
  1. Review the types of sites that are not allowed.
    • Illegal sites; warez sites; sites promoting content that is illegal in the U.S.; keyword-farm sites; sites with little or no original content.
    • Sites that duplicate or nearly duplicate the content at another site, e.g. mirror sites. Submitting such a site will result in both sites being removed from the eWilla Web Directory.
    • Sites that automatically redirect to another site.
  2. Browse to the category you wish to add to and click the "Add URL" link. [Begin]
    • The chosen category must be the most applicable to your site's content and must be as specific as possible to your sites content.
    • Add your site to the deepest level category possible, provided that the category name generalizes the bulk of your sites content. If not, find a better matching category for your site or add your site to a higher level category.
    • If you cannot find an appropriate category, search for categories using a general single keyword term that generalizes your sites content.
    • If you still cannot find an appropriate category, add your site to an appropriate higher level category and suggest a new subcategory in the box provided.
    • If necessary we will move the listing to the most appropriate category in order to maintain a high quality directory.
  3. Add the rest of your site's information
    • Add your email address and your site's title and description.
  4. Listing Types
    • STANDARD LISTING: The standard listing will appear under the "websites" heading in the category of your choice. One-time fee of $24.98
    • SPONSORED LISTING: A sponsored listing includes 3 types of links. (1) A top-level sponsored listing in the subcategory that the site is added to, (2) a "category sponsors" text link that appears with the main category and every subcategory of that main category, (3) a standard listing that will not expire. The sponsored listing will auto expire after 96 days. This great linking package is available for $119.98/month. Sponsored listings are limited to 4 sites per category.
  5. Site review process
    • We hand review each website that is suggested to the eWilla directory. We reserve the right to edit/change any portion of submitted data and modify the category. If the listing conforms to the guidelines above, it will be added. All listings will be reviewed within 48 hours of submission.
    • We will send you an email when your listing is approved/declined. If your listing is declined we will issue a full refund.
  6. REFUNDS: If your listing cannot be approved to the eWilla Web Directory, for any reason, all fees paid for the submission in question will be refunded, no questions asked. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN FOR ANY REASON AFTER YOUR LISTING HAS BEEN APPROVED.
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